20th April 2024


  • Fixed offhand damage.
  • Disabled St.Patrick Event.
  • Max Trap limit revised to 14 from 20.
  • Guild Skill reset has been performed for all guilds.
  • Alchemist Points has been normalized.

Ninja (Temporary Changes):

  • Merchant and Kunai Merchant moved to payon_in01 (Besides Endless Tower NPC).
  • Beams added for Huuma Calm Mind, Jitte[1], Asura[3].
  • Frozen Ice Pillar: If enemy is on water tile, then Freeze chance is increased to 100%.
  • Lightning Jolt formula changed to `(150 + 60*SkillLevel)`% from `(160 + 40*SkillLevel)`%.
  • Shadow Slash: 400% Damage (at Max level). When used with hiding status - 800% Damage (at max level).
  • Soul Skill SP cost halved.
  • 'Shadow Jump' reduces the aftercast delay from 1s to 0.5s.
  • Shuriken cost changed.


  • Venom Dust layout changed.
  • Oldest venom dust is removed on exceeding max count limit (and new venom dust is placed).
  • Fixed Poison React passive bonus wherein, 20% HP was healed instead of 10% HP.
  • Venom Dust - Mailbreaker effect will last for 10 seconds (Previous behavior: Mailbreaker effect lasted as long as enemies were standing on venom dust tile).


  • Trial WoE will be held on Sunday 20:00 GMT - 21:00 GMT.
  • Restricted Ninja from WoE.
  • Enabled WoE Shop (accessible via @woeshop) for Trial WoE.
  • Enabled Emergency Call for WoE.
  • Max Economy - 40, Max Defense - 40.
  • WoE Supplies and Token remnant from past seasons have been cleared.

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