7th January 2024


  • Skills' ASPD delay is now applied at cast start rather than at cast end. Some skills will have a very noticeable delay reduction.
  • Fixed Triple Attack's delay not applying when Chain Combo can be triggered.
  • Fixed Triple Attack's animation.
  • Fixed Combo skills not being able to hit different enemies in combat.
  • Fixed Monk's Absorb Spirits behavior under some scenarios in PVP.
  • Fixed Monk's Ki translation failing and consuming SP when used on players.
  • Fixed Monk's blade stop range.
  • Fixed Alchemist's Acid Terror not bypassing monsters' defense.
  • Fixed some scenarios where temporal skills were not being cleared from skill tree (like unequipping gear that granted skills).
  • Fixed Sage's freecast increasing ASPD while casting on levels lower than 10.
  • Fixed a bug when performing songs/dances that made them last for 3 minutes.
  • Fixed crit not always being 0.33 crit per luk but 0.3 with some skills.
  • Fixed Storm Gust freezing monsters in less than 3 hits.
  • Fixed RoDEX not granting items/zeny in some scenarios.
  • Added missing EXP reward to Amatsu Dungeion quest.

New Changes:

  • Migrated to a new API server from the previous one.
  • The API server now handles tasks such as loading character configurations, managing guild emblem uploads/downloads, and saving data for the work-in-progress features of merchant stores and Adventurer parties. This change aims to streamline the integration of upcoming features by centralizing these responsibilities within the new API server.
  • Enabled combo_cache_skill toggle. This toggle allows combo skills to be requested by the player at any time during the previous combo skill and it will be performed automatically after the delay ends.


  • Numerous behind-the-scenes enhancements have been implemented to improve code and performance, with no impact on gameplay.