10th December 2023

Welcome to Winter Carnival:

Step into the Winter Carnival, play exciting games, earn Carnival Coupons, and exchange them for exclusive rewards in the festive Carnival Shop. To enter the Winter Carnival, simply type "@carnival" in the in-game chat (towns-only) and experience the joy of festive games and exclusive rewards! To exit the Winter Carnival, speak to "Ticket master".


  1. Receive 10 Carnival Coupons once every 24 hours.
  2. Every game demands either 1 or 2 Carnival Coupons.
  3. Games yield either Carnival Cash (redeemable at the costume shop) or costumes as rewards.
  4. While you can play the game without Carnival Coupons, you won't earn Carnival Cash; nevertheless, you can still acquire account-bound costumes.


  • Poring Slots: Just like Spin the machine!!
  • Guesser: Guess the number of spawned mobs
  • Treasure Chest: Unlock chest by guessing a 3-number code
  • Wild Goose Chase: Find the missing Onigiring in 3 minutes.
  • Bludgeoned Riches: Kill as many monsters as possible in 3 minutes
  • Simon Game: Repeat the sequence
  • Match me: Memory game, find and match pairs of monsters in 3 minutes.
  • Whac-a-Squirrel: Click as many squirrels as possible in 3 minutes.
  • Peco race: Bet on 1 of the 5 Pecos.
  • Black Jack: Card game, aim for 21.
  • Card Shark: Guess if the next card is higher, lower, or the same.

Rules & Rewards for Mini-games:

  • Test Your Strength: Winning chance depends on your stats (Luk+Dex+Str)/2 and choice of hammer (if NPC chose the same as yours, chance is higher). You can get 1-4 Cash or 4 Cash and a costume.
  • Bludgeoned Riches: Kill as many Onigirings as possible. Kill at least 30 for 4 Cash, at least 70 for Costume 1, and at least 100 for Costume 2.
  • Trump Card: Guess if the next card value is Higher, Lower, or Same. Win 1-5 Cash and a Costume (Guaranteed if all rounds are won).
  • Guess Game: Guess the number of mobs on the screen. Exact match gives highest score, then there's range check, ± 2 and then ± 10 with lowest score. Get a chance to win a costume and 5-15 Cash.
  • Match Me: Get a chance to win a costume if the game is completed within 50 seconds.
  • Peco Race: Get a chance to win a costume if the Peco is placed first.
  • Wild Goose: Get a costume if you can find Onigiring in under 20 seconds.

Costumes Preview:

  • Rudolph Santa Hat - MatchMe: Rudolph Santa Hat
  • Red Dress Hat - Treasure Game: Red Dress Hat
  • Snowman Hat - Bludgeoned Riches: Snowman Hat
  • Let It Snow - Bludgeoned Riches: Let It Snow
  • Pope Ribbon - Test Your Strength: Pope Ribbon
  • Parade Cap - BlackJack and Peco Race: Parade Cap
  • Snowflake Tiara - Wild Goose Chase: Snowflake Tiara
  • Santa Hairband - Whack-a-mole: Santa Hairband
  • Twin Santa Hat - Slot Machine: Twin Santa Hat
  • Bride Corella - Simon Game: Bride Corella
  • Cat Ear Hat White - Shop Exclusive: Cat Ear Hat White
  • Cat Santa Hat - Shop Exclusive: Cat Santa Hat
  • Santa Poring Hat - Guesser: Santa Poring Hat
  • Dress Hat - Card Shark(Trump card): Dress Hat
  • Snow Now Hat - Shop Exclusive: Snow Now Hat

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