18th November 2023


  • Disabled Halloween Event.
  • Halloween event exchanger will stay for 1 more week.
  • Winter event preparation (To be announced in upcoming weeks).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed 'Magical Reagents' quest not deleting required items.
  • Fixed Frigid Lich - Frost Nova was proc at 30% instead of 3%.
  • Fixed a bug with 'Smith Rockwell' NPC, wherein dialog couldn't be closed.
  • Fixed Stylist not reverting to original colors on closing dialog.


  • PVP Enthusiast now shows number of players in PvP map.
  • Improved in-game navigation command accuracy.
  • Anklesnare trap sprite improvement.

New Full client will be available in few hours, which will have following fixes:

  • Improved palletes.

Note: New full client won't be mandatory redownload, It is however recommended if you are facing messed-up pallete issue.