22nd October 2023


  • Halloween event is now live!!
  • Trick or Treating: In Rune Midgard cities, twenty special Drops NPCs are distributing candies. You can collect candies on multiple characters and freely share or trade them. Each candy provides buffs lasting 30 minutes, and they can stack except for identical types:
    • +2% ATK
    • +2% MATK
    • +10 HIT
    • +10 FLEE
    • +4 CRIT
    • +20% Passive HP Regeneration
    • +10% Passive SP Regeneration
  • There's a Drops NPC in Payon center to track how many of the twenty NPCs you've found. Keep in mind, if you die, the buffs vanish.
  • Event 2: Quest NPCs are stationed at various locations:
    • Linus (No Level Requirement) - Payon Archer Village 54, 145
    • Rachel (Level 50+) - Geffen 98, 72
    • Steward Hamilton (Complete Rachel's Quest) - Outside Geffen Tower
    • Holly and Nathan - Inside Geffen Tavern (NE Geffen, top floor)
    • Hartmann (Halloween Exchanger) - Geffen 86, 73
    • Deathly Goods Exchanger - Nifelheim Town
  • This event introduces numerous consumable items and costumes. Keep an eye out for new spawns like Pumpkin Ghost (ID 1812) and Evilring (ID 1767) in Geffen Dungeon, Orc Dungeon, Payon Caves, Glastheim, and Clock Tower. The Headless Horse (ID 2071) appears every 3 hours in Geffen Dungeon B2 or Glastheim Overworld, dropping fantastic Halloween items. Additionally, the "Great Witch" MVP in Nifelheim Town spawns hourly and might drop the Ghostly Top Hat among other items.
  • Remember, the event concludes on November 12th. Happy hunting!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed flags at Payon not showing proper emblem.
  • Fixed Prontera castle warp not working outside of WoE hour.

Halloween item images: