20th August 2023

Class Updates:

  • Assassin: Venom Dust now correctly grants EXP for damage dealt.
  • Blacksmith: Cart Revolution now does the same kind of elemental damage as the weapon equipped instead of being pseudo-neutral.
  • Super Novice:
    • Hypnotist's Staff MATK bonus temporarily reduced from 25% to 18%. MATK will be increased back to 25% when Trans Classes arrive.
    • Soul Fragment are now Account Bound and cannot be sold, traded, sent via mail, or passed through Guild Storage.
    • All Soul Fragments in Guild Storage will be Account Bound once removed.
    • All Soul Fragments in Carts have been removed and can be redeemed at the APEX NPC outside of Payon PVP.
    • Reworked Death Reset Cost: 150 always.

Game Updates:

  • Ring of Peace can no longer be sold to NPCs.
  • Alchemist Skill Reset NPC has been removed.

Bug Fixes:

  • FUEL Card now correctly applies damage increase to Acid Terror and Demonstration.

Mob Updates:

  • Am Mut's Acid Terror Level reduced to roughly the same damage as before the Acid Terror damage buff.
  • Drops have been buffed on some lesser-used late-game maps.

Payon Undertombs Rebalance - Phase 1:

  • Various item changes and loot redistribution in the Undertombs.
  • Changes to mob spawns and stats in Undertombs 1F, 2F, and 3F (Light & Dark).
  • New quests added: Costume Onigiri Hat and Costume Sakura Sapling.