5th August 2023

Class Updates

Class Updates:

  • Alchemist:
    • See separate post for detailed changes.
  • Priest:
    • Holy Strike now only procs on Undead and Shadow element monsters.
    • Damage formula corrected and now allows for critical hits.
  • Sage: Sages can now use Berserk Potion.
  • Crusader:
    • Holy Cross SP cost reduced and range increased.
  • Monk: Absorb Spirit Sphere success chance increased and SP gain reduced.

Game Updates:

  • Reworked Poring Dig Site 3 EXP.
  • Rybio can no longer Teleport.
  • Skeleton Prisoner now drops Fabric (20.00%).
  • Decorative Golden Bell and Guardian's Visage now only use the upper slot.
  • Added Hot-Blooded Headband to Costumer NPC.
  • Changed sprite for the PVP Warper NPC.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Costume 4Leaf Clover.
  • Fixed in-game text during the Monk Job Change Quest.
  • Fixed HP and SP drain effects applying multiple times.

Alchemist Rework:

    • Can be used without Acid Bottle.
    • Break Armor effect now only triggers if an Acid Bottle is consumed.
    • Duration and interval between damage ticks halved.
    • Recipe for Bottle Grenade changed.
  • REMOTE DETONATOR: Aftercast delay increased to 5s.
    • Aftercast delay changed to a fixed cooldown of 0.5s.
    • HP formula reworked.
    • Additional effects added for each potion type.