29th July 2023

Updates and Balance Changes

Updates and Balance Changes:

EXP Rebalance:

  • Turtle Island has been rebalanced:
    • Assaulter: 7,881 -> 16,556 EXP, added Wind Katar[0] (0.06%)
    • Heater: 7,386 -> 13,121 EXP, added Lucius Fierce Armor of Volcano[0] (0.06%)
    • Freezer: 6,349 -> 10,419 EXP, added Crystal Blue (4.00%)
    • Solider: 6,687 -> 8,397 EXP
    • Permeter: No change


  • WoE White/Blue Potions obtained from boxes will now have the same Item ID as other White/Blue Pots
  • The WoE Exchange NPC will allow you to trade the old Potions for the new ones
  • These changes will allow you to have all types of the same potions (e.g. regular Blues, brewed, and WoE potions) on the same hotkey, as they are bound by Item ID.
  • Guild Skills will no longer share on a global cooldown. All skills now have their own separate 10min cooldowns.

Game Updates:

  • Added MANY new costumes to the Costumer!
  • Added an NPC outside of Ayothaya Dungeon who will take you directly to Level 2 after completing the Holier Threads quest
  • Lady Huo's fixed spawn covers a wider area; she will now spawn in the lower half of the map
  • Spawn time variance for all MVPs is now 5 minutes
  • Divorce NPC added to Niflheim (there is still also one in the Prontera Church)
  • Clock Card will no longer recast Autoguard if the effect is already active
  • Enabled Ginnungagap drop from Bloody Murderer (0.02%)
  • Mobster respawn changed from 30~33min to 3~5min

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved multiple issues with Weddings
  • Fixed issue where Venom Splasher was only adding +20% per level of Poison React instead of +30%
  • Fixed issue where Double Attack was not adding bonus HIT (+1 per Skill Level)
  • Fixed issue where Indignant Soul Card did not reduce cast delay of Soul Strike
  • Fixed issue with Twinorc Card where its DEF penetration did not work

Summer Event:

  • Frostfire Weapons are now refineable
  • Added White Herb to Bombo (5.50%)
  • Greatly improved the Ornate Treasure Chest loot table
  • Fixed an issue where Costume Great White only used the Upper Costume slot instead of all slots