17th July 2023

Updates and Balance Changes

Updates and Balance Changes:

EXP Rebalance V1.1:

  • Tweaked the EXP Rebalance values to address issues with static parties being less EXP efficient on higher player counts and taps
    • Party Bonus
      • Current: 0+15+10+7+5+3+0+0+0+0+0+0 (+40% total)
      • New: 0+15+10+7+5+3+3+3+3+3+2+1 (+55% total)
    • Tap Bonus
      • Current: 0+40+35+28+19+9 (+131% total)
      • New: 0+40+35+20+20+20 (+135% total)
    • Mr. Kim a Rich Man
      • Current: +20% + 8% per Skill Level (+60% total)
      • New: +10% + 8% per Skill Level (+50% total)
  • Please note that despite the Mr. Kim change, this is overall a buff in all 7-12 person party configurations regardless of tap quantity. More members and more taps should always equal more EXP now assuming no one is leeching.

Summer Event:

  • Frostfire Weapons should now be tradeable and sellable
  • Fixed a dead cell in sumdun_02
  • Added Crystal Blues to Naiad and Selkie drop tables (4.00%) as originally intended
  • Increased attack of Frostfire Whip from 121 to 151 to match Frostfire Violin

Game Updates:

  • The Alchemist Dealer on the right side of Payon Castle (116, 175) now additionally sells Empty Potion Bottles (10z) and Empty Test Tubes (3z)
  • A Storage Kafra has been added near that Alchemist Dealer