13th July 2023 (2nd Patch)

Summer Event

Summer Event:

  • Crystal Blues added to Naiad and Selkie drop tables
  • Frostfire Ash consumed by the Urn on the dungeon floor
  • Event-exclusive Minibosses and MVP spawn in the dungeon when Urn is full
  • All Event Activities unchanged (Treasure Hunting, Rainbow Corals, and Frostfire Shards)
WoE Updates

WoE Updates:

  • Storage Kafras added to all inns
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Brandish Spear issues


  • Bard/Dancer Skill Reset NPC removed
  • Spike added to Jing Yuai drop table (0.02%)
  • Chung E. spawns and Tantan Noodle adjusted
  • Payon Guard at 81,118 now a PVP Warper
  • Equipping Sunglasses enables permanent dark mode
  • Stat Reset Granny reworked
Summer Event (Continued)

Summer Event (Continued):

  • Frostfire Weapon Boxes now openable
  • Updated description of Frostfire Weapon Box
Bug Fixes (Continued)

Bug Fixes (Continued):

  • Reverted Brandish Spear back to pre-patch behaviour