17th June 2023

New Features, Game Updates, and Bug Fixes!

New Features:

  • WoE Token System
    • At the end of WoE, up to 20 active participants will receive 200 WoE Supply Tokens via RODEX
    • Tokens can be exchanged at the WoE Informant (oldnewpayon 50, 149) for WoE Supplies (WoE White Potions, WoE White Slim Potions, WoE Blue Potions)
    • Please note that WoE Potions can only be used in WoE Castles, and WoE Boxes can only be used in towns (not inns).

Game Updates:

  • Rogue's Intimidate skill now Roots the target after teleporting for 2 seconds.
  • WoE Season 2 Preparation
    • WoE Castle Loot has been updated for the 3 active castles in Season 2
    • Flag Respawn points have been updated for the 3 active castles in Season 2

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the increased Heal power granted by a loyal Gyokuto did not apply when using healing skills on other players.
  • Please note that Heal Power granted by Gyokuto Pet currently does not apply to Sanctuary and Renew. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future patch.