27th May 2023

Exciting updates and adjustments!

Powered by the Ashes:

  • Full quest, maps, items, cards

WoE Changes:

  • WoE has been disabled until Season 2 (castles, flags disabled)

Gameplay Adjustments:

  • Magnum Break nerfed from 9x9 to 7x7 and now has a 0.4s minimum aftercast delay
  • Bonechewer Card buffs:
    • Can refresh buff duration while active (With 2.5s delay)
    • Multiple Bonechewer cards increase proc chance (buff still does NOT stack)
    • Bonechewer card effect icon (buff icon will indicate the effect is active)
  • Lady Huo card implemented & effect icon added (same as above)
  • Improved the Umbala bungee jump:
    • Larger warp area, can't walk back up onto the platform
    • Slightly increased chance of successful warp
  • Added missing Kafra warp from Comodo to Umbala
  • Updated world map to show custom dungeons and Niflheim
  • Fixed description on Ghoul Card (now correctly shows +1 DEF)
  • Fixed description on Corsair (now correctly shows 5 DEF instead of 4 DEF)
  • Fixed Ghost Shroom and Necrofantasy set bonuses:
    • They were giving elemental attack resist rather than reduction against all damage from enemies with that property
  • Phantasmic Arrow is now affected by Vulture's Eye range increase