25th April 2023

Introducing new locations and various updates!


In the latest patch, we have introduced 2 new locations for players to explore - Umbala and Nifflheim.


Umbala is a mysterious forest town located on the continent of Rune Midgard. The town is home to a tribe of indigenous people known as the Umbalians, who are known for their unique customs and way of life. With its vibrant greenery, towering trees, and exotic creatures, Umbala offers a refreshing change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Nifflheim, on the other hand, is a dark and eerie city located in the depths of the Niflheimr realm. The city is known as the realm of the dead and is home to a host of undead monsters and ghosts. Both Umbala and Nifflheim offer exciting new challenges and rewards.

Detailed log:

  • Pumpkin Mojo and Essence of Death items no longer drop.
  • The Rider Insignia and Ginnungagap have been removed from the drop table.
  • The Nifflheim cards Gibbet and Dullahan have been enabled.
  • Numerous bugs related to Powered by the Ashes have been fixed (only available to beta testers).
  • Yggdrasil warps and mobs are now enabled.
  • A variety of cards and items from Nifflheim, Umbala, Louyang, and Amatsu have been added to OCA/OBB/OPB.
  • Pink Clip, Ghostly Muffler, and Ring of the Claw have been added to OPB.
  • The Umbala Ore quest warp effect has been removed.
  • Ice pick has been disabled.
  • Ore downgrading (Dismantle stone) is disabled.
  • The warp for Majos has been improved.
  • Limit maximum Muramasa curse rate to the base value.
  • Freeze or Stone Curse will no longer remove Lex Aeterna.
  • Orange and Purple Plants spawns have been removed.