18th March 2023

Client and Server Patch Log: Added Item descriptions for St. Patrick Costumes and St. Patrick Event Summary.

Client Patch:

  • Added Item descriptions for St. Patrick Costumes.

Server Patch:

St. Patrick Event Summary:

  1. You need to claim Leprechaun Hat from aldebaran,145,112.
  2. Every odd hour, 30 treasure chests will be spawned in 3 cities (10x in 1 field/city).
  3. You need to equip Leprechaun Hat to interact with treasure chest. (Be wary, treasure chest can spawn monsters by chance of 1%, which drops costumes).

Event Details:

The gold coins of Luck o' the Leprechaun were stolen by mischievous fairies while he was drunk, and they were scattered across Midgard along with other treasures. To aid in the recovery of his stolen treasure, magical treasure chests will appear in towns or fields every odd hour, but only magical creatures can see them, like Luck o' the Leprechaun.
Anyone who finds Luck o's gold coins can decide to keep them or continue searching for more. The event can be initiated by meeting Luck o' Leprechaun at aldebaran, where he will provide a magical hat that allows you to touch the magical treasure chests.
The treasure chests will disappear if left unattended for too long and only appear during odd hours. If the magical hat is lost, Luck o' may provide a replacement.
Return the gold coins to Luck o' once enough have been collected to receive a reward, which could be "The Luck o' Leprechaun Hat!", "The Green Scarf!", "Give me Green gum in mouth!", "Give me 4Leaf Clover in mouth", or "Give me the Luck o' Pint".

St. Patrick Event Prize List:

Prize 1 Prize 2 Prize 3 Prize 4

Costume Previews:

  • Poring Gold Coin: Poring Gold Coin
  • 4 Leaf Clover in mouth: 4 Leaf Clover in mouth
  • Green Scarf: Green Scarf
  • Gum in Mouth: Gum in Mouth
  • Luck'o Pint: Luck'o Pint