7th March 2023

Bug fixes, enhancements, and exciting updates!

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Added several skills to the list of plagiarized skills (Grand Cross, Arrow Shower, Trap-based skills).
  • Removed Ninja skills from the list of plagiarized skills (Freezing Spear).
  • The Rogue reset NPC is no longer available.
  • The SuperNovice Death reset now correctly reduces the death counter every week.
  • Muspelheim quests now prioritize completed quests, then check pending quests, to avoid deadlock in some situations.
  • Reduced the stun chance of 'Mochi' to 5% from 100%.
  • Fixed the SuperNovice Death reset, which was not resetting fragments from 500 to 400 if the death reset counter was > 4.
  • Fixed the Marriage script, which was giving out incorrect rings.
  • Fixed the Daily quest, which was auto-resetting if the player was online before 00:00 and took the quest after 00:00.
  • Fixed the turtle dungeon quest, which allowed the boss to be spawned multiple times.
  • Added @togglestore, which is also available in the communication node.
  • Increased Baby MaxHP/MaxSP to 75% from the existing 70%.
  • Baby Merchant, Baby Alchemist, and Baby Blacksmith are now allowed in guild account.
  • Clan size increased to 7500 members.
  • Only 1 account can be logged in master account (Except autovendors and guild accounts).
  • Teleportation now detects warp portal in 5x5 range.
  • Jump/Fly Wings now detect warp portal with 5x5 range.
  • Baby characters can now be created in guild accounts.
  • Guild now allows baby characters.
  • Added Guest System (Information below).
  • Snap behavior changed in WoE - Traps won't stop 'Snap' casted by same guild member.
  • WoE Preparation - Enabled Flags.
  • PDS Spawn rates and drop rates of PDS-monsters are revised.
  • Valentine Event is now removed. Gacha Balls will be available for a week, all valentine-specific consumables are now useless.
  • All super novice users that the DeathReset counter has been reset.

Guest Account System:

  • NPC Located at oldnewpayon, 41, 105.
  • Restrictions for guest accounts can be set by using @security command.
  • Guest account username will be prefixed by 'guest_' automatically by NPC.
  • No changes in rule for guest account. If any rules are broken, master account will be punished too (as per rules).

Event Images:

Image 1 Image 2

Trial WoE:

Trial WoE scheduled on 11th March 22:00 GMT.
Trial WoE will have free consumables.
Trial WoE is to check the stability of WoE and attendance.
Guilds participating in Trial WoE will be awarded Attendance Points + 5 Guild points.


  1. gefg_cas02 - Eeyorbriggar (Brit 2)
  2. payg_cas03 - Holy Shadow (Payon 3)
  3. aldeg_cas05 - Rothenburg (Luina 5)

Next Event Sneak Peek:

St. Patrick Event (Image: St. Patrick Event Image)