28th January 2023

Corruptor Card nerfed. Bug fixes and updates.

Balance Changes:

  • Corruptor Card proc rate is reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where Corruptor Card dealt 2x damage; extra damage removed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where some slaves were moving slowly.
  • Fixed a bug with Mammonite and Flame Beetle Card, where spamming Mammonite without any zeny allowed skill usage.
  • Updated Muspelheim quests where Rydel was not accepting completed quests.

New Features:

  • Grand Cross can now be plagiarized.
  • Updated 'Master Alchemist' text to indicate players have already learned auto-brew.
  • Poring Dig Site is now enabled. Spawn duration increased and quantity reduced. Beware of BombPorings! (or use them to your advantage).